On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

I tackled the promised mugs. 

I used thick-tipped (they were misleadingly marked "fine") generic paint pens for my first clumsy attempt at doodling mugs.  It was frustrating, and then the paint started chipping off, bah, humbug.  This time around, I used an extra-fine tipped Sharpie paint pen, with substantial improvement.  With that thin tip, these were a breeze to decorate, and even with several uses a day (Zeke uses no cup but his mug), the paint has not chipped at all in the last couple of weeks. Yeah!  That's my recommendation for spending a little extra money on a particular brand, for what it's worth.

(Bought mugs at the dollar store, doodled, baked them at 400 degrees for an hour, let them cool completely in the oven, and have only hand-washed them since.)

The children told me what animals to doodle, but you can probably guess that on your own.

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