Corn for Popping

Anyone who visits us will be impressed by the amazing things our house holds.  Even more amazing is that we haven't paid a penny for most of them.  The generosity of others and keen eyes that scan the curbs have resulted in a house (too) brimful of free stuff.  One of the most impressive to join our company of Stuff is a popcorn popper that Dude saved from being smushed into scrap metal.  "I'll take that for my son!" he exclaimed to his coworkers who were sick of it sitting in the workshop (and that they'd gotten off the curb while doing town work).  His son (& Co.!) are so glad of his quick thinking.  We're also glad of Dude's superheroic ability to fit bulky things into his minivan.  A huge couch?  A popcorn popper?  A wooden hutch?  The bags of gifts that Mom O. wants to bring along?  No problem.

This is a fantastic addition to our kitchen because not only did we rent one of these machines for our wedding reception*, little knowing we'd own one someday, but also, and more importantly, 




We use it several times a week.

And it makes the most delicious popcorn.

*We also rented a cotton candy machine for our wedding reception.  I eagerly await Dude rescuing one of those.


sarah said...

I remember that cotton candy machine! Try every flavor, you'll be fine. Incidentally, yours is the only wedding I've overindulged at.

Full of Grace said...

This is So Awesome (our favorite part of going to the movies is the theater popcorn with extra butter and you can have the joy often of it! :) Lucky Duckies :)

Leah said...

This makes our little hand-cranked popcorn popper seem so puny. LOL

heidiann(e) said...

SO pretty, too.

Abigail said...

It's not size that matters, though. The girls still have the fondest memories of that delicious popcorn we shared by candlelight in our car-home! ;)

Abigail said...

p.s. Sarah, I'm so glad you chose ours as the lucky one! As unpleasant as your experience was, it still makes me grin. Best Wedding Ever. Once we get the cotton candy machine installed in our kitchen, you, Josh, and the chickens need to fly in for Round 2!

Michelle said...

How fun! We love popcorn here, and making it in a big batch like that would be wonderful.

Renata said...

I LOVE your popcorn machine - we still simply use a pot.
Your wedding sounds awesome. :)

Abigail said...

I'd love to have a "Hurrah! We Married Each Other a Long Time Ago!" party someday. If so, we'll have candy and popcorn, and you're all invited. ;)