My Twins

In the last two years, I accidentally got matching shirts from different rummage sales, which, serendipitously, fit Pip and Annika this year.  They like to wear them on the same day, always.

I tried to take a picture of them at their request, but Zeke kept charging in from the corners like a baby hippo.

Good enough.


Rebecca said...

The funny thing about this picture is at first glance I thought all of your children were wearing a heart shirt- and then it occurred to me it was the same girls side by side.

I was thinking ONLY ABIGAIL could find THAT MANY matching shirts at rummage sales! Maybe it was a Duggar rummage sale?

Abigail said...

Hehe. A Duggar rummage sale. Methinks I wouldn't find so many sparkly, bedazzle-hearts at one, tho'! Denim skirts, yes.

I thought it was funny after posting, because it looks like the collage is actually one picture, and it gives away my Big Secret-- the cloning machine I have hidden in my closet.