Giving Thanks

Many of my brothers and sisters did a lot of driving in November-- from their homes to Nanticoke to Rochester to Nanticoke to their homes, and all over again several times.  Two weeks after Dad's funeral, they turned themselves toward Nanticoke again, and I pulled out the camera for a few pictures.  Before people arrived, Zeke sat on the table and stole things,


 ...including, but not limited to, these easy Thanksgiving favors that Deborah arrived in time to whip up for me.  (You should all be so lucky to have a Debbie-helper-elf when company's coming.)

Everyone watched bird-loving Gussie while Gussie bird-watched.  His enthusiasm for and impressive knowledge of our feathered friends is contagious.

Some of the family on Thanksgiving Day-- slow and sober.  But thankful.


Leah said...

Gussie and Johnny would have a grand time talking about birds! We'll have to see about getting them together. :)

Rebecca said...

Your mother's face...

it made me tear up.

Abigail said...

Gussie and Johnny would have a grand time, and I'm all for it, especially if it meant we'd get to see you all, too! :)

Me, too.