Stinker, or, Giving Credit Where It's Due

On Hallowe'en, I may have sewn Piper's skunk costume frantically, but I have this Etsy seller to thank for the mask turning out.  (Yes, I entirely copied.  No, I am not ashamed.)  It's two layers of black felt cut out and sewn together, with an elastic strap sewn in and identifying skunk marks topstitched on.  

There may be more copying in my future.  (Did you SEE the other masks in that shop?  So cool.) And, no, I'm not ashamed about my plans, and neither is this girl.


Rebecca said...

Oooh- that shop IS something else! I loved the fawn one!

The skunk is perfect.

Abigail said...

I hereby give you permission to copy her creations, too (not that you needed any!).