Hot Potato

Here's the explanation for the following pictures, which omit Mildred and I, the two principal figures in the tale.

Scene:  Millie and I are cleaning up the kitchen.

Millie:  "Mama, are your hands cold?"
Me:  "What?! No, I'm fine."
Millie:  "Well, are your EARS cold?"
Me:  "No, not really."
In one smooth motion, she covered both of my ears with freshly baked potatoes, still warm from the oven.  One thing I never would have known without Mildred.  Warm potatoes on one's ears feel just right.  Let's start a trend!

Next thing I knew, all of us in the room were wearing baked potatoes on our ears.  And it looked so funny, I grabbed my camera.

You are so jealous of my beautiful children.

I include this last snapshot because it looks like Annika's potatoes are simultaneously resting on the shelf and on her head. Let's pretend I planned it.

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