A Tisket, a Tasket

John had to work on Easter afternoon, but Rundy made my job as easy as pie by hiding all the baskets.  When he asked if I minded, I just heaved a big, pregnant girl's sigh of relief.

Aidan is such a clueless baby.  The girls couldn't stop laughing because after they FORCED him toward his basket, he just dropped it on the ground and ran in the opposite direction.  Candy?  Pffft.

Zeke found his basket inside the hollow tree, with no small thanks to his posse for the help.

Luci found hers under the wheelbarrow.

Pip's was inside the chicken coop.

Susannah found hers under the old truck.

And then I went inside to sit on the couch, handing the camera over, which is why I had to delete several dozen pictures of Annika climbing high for hers and ripping her shirt in the process.  (Which was only fair, considering Rundy ripped his pants climbing down, all for the sake of the cause.)

Millie uncovered hers hidden by the pellets.

And here are lots more pictures, taken mostly by Susannah and Annika while I was relaxing indoors.  Thanks for picking up the slack, girls.

Oh, yeah!  My sister Deborah is marrying this guy in a few months!   (Debbie-- you have no idea how many pictures of you and Rundy I found on the camera.  Enough to last a lifetime...)

They look pretty good together, hm?


heidiann(e) said...

Oh, wonderful!
So happy for Debbie!

Abigail said...

Me, too! YIPPEE!

Abigail said...

And, to reiterate,