In Their Easter Bonnets

...I totally forgot about their bonnets on Easter, too!  I bought little hats for Zeke and Aidan, and Pip and Luci had Easter hats from McGamma, and I forgot about all of them until just now.  Oops.

Here are four hasty Easter pictures, taken when we got home from church when I should have been making the mashed potatoes.   And there's Zeke, doing a song and dance routine about his bunny pop.

I love Luci's face in this one, but pick your favorite, Mcgamma!

Before they changed into play clothes, a couple of the girls asked me to take solo pictures, so here are even more hasty snapshots, when I REALLY should have been finishing the mashed potatoes.  (Note: Zeke has now tucked his bnnny pop into his vest for safekeeping.)

And this girl-child.  My goodness, all it takes is one tenth birthday, and she grows too fast.


Liana said...

love the Easter pictures. Your children are beautiful/handsome!

Abigail said...

This is one observation with which a biased mama won't argue. :)