Warm Day / Another Walk / Different Lake

We had to take a rare trip to the post office (with your grapefruit as our reward, Molly!), and we made the most of the trip by taking a walk next to the lake near the school I taught at before Millie was born.  (How many prepositions can you spy in that unwieldy sentence?  Winner gets a lollipop.)   One of the soccer fields is set inside an earth-bowl next to the dike, and the girls saw its true potential immediately.

Brave Lucinda took the first plunge, pigtails spinning.

The rest soon came tumbling after.   

We walked along the dike next to the lake until we reached the dam, with frequent pit stops for rock collection and hill-rolling and taking in the wind and views.  

Piper left carrying two rubber boots brimful of rocks.

The hill nearest the dam was so steep that the incline hid the rolling children from view.

I almost left Zeke behind because I couldn't see him without my glasses once he'd rolled to the bottom. Good thing Mildred loves her little brother enough to point him out to me.

We left as dusk rolled in, with rubber boots full of rocks in tow,

a sore back, and one happy boy in the wind.

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