Bedhead in the bathroom.

When I walked by with the camera, Lucinda asked if she could take a picture of me.  Fake smile, yes, but her wizard's touch (or, I suppose, the window light) erased all wrinkles.  I am a 12-year old mother of seven-going-on-eight.  

I slipped up on these children having the first picnic of the season, just in time to hear the inaugural "Cheers!" 

Zeke was a little skeptical of Annika's experiment.

She followed the directions for her first attempt, with mild results, but by the seventh explosion, she was adding enough baking soda and vinegar to bring the whole house down around our ears, all while Susannah squealed and captured it on video.

I treasure this little boy's sweetness and cuddles.  I know things will rightly change as he grows straighter and taller and braver, but for now, I love these moments.

These, too...

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