Let's Make Some Food

I am so thankful for my big girls.  The day before Easter, they all pitched in (upon my orders), because I was determined to go to bed at a decent hour for once.  Millie had already made cinnamon buns to put in the freezer earlier that week, so she made the challah and a lemon cheesecake.  Annika made bunny rolls and punch, Susannah made deviled eggs, and everyone helped out with cleaning.

For the first time ever, I made the bunny pops and chocolate surprise eggs before supper.  Before supper!  It wasn't even the middle of the night!  I still stayed up later than I intended making the rest of the food for Easter dinner and cleaning up, but I was pretty pleased that my bad habits are starting to be offset by my children's growing skills.

The carrot cake didn't look as classy this year, but that didn't stop me from slicing a large wedge for myself.

The girls wanted me to take a picture of the rabid bunny that kept terrorizing the tulips.  He has two rabid-bunnies-in-training alongside, too.

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