Mopsy's Good Works

As long as we were documenting Susannah's quilt with bad lighting in the hall, I though we may as well document other as-yet-unsnapped quilts in the house...with bad lighting.

Aidan's baby quilt.

Zeke's baby quilt.

Annika's tenth birthday quilt (a riot of color, just as she requested).



Rebecca said...

oh my word. Think of the lesser sister here...and don't tempt me to the sin of coveteousness. At least not all in one post! It is cruel, I tell you!

Those quilts are all incredible. What an amazing mother you have. Would you share? Consider it. ;-)

Also. I must tell you. I just love Zeke's smiley eyes and grin. His whole face lights up when he smiles. I love that.

Also x 2. I know I have been commenting too much when the computer begins forcing me to verify comments because it believes me to be a spammer. There are FIVE squares with roadsigns. There. I am human.

Abigail said...

You should just see the ones that AREN'T in our house. Debbie's wedding quilt is one of my absolute favorites, and she's working on a Scotty dog baby quilt that is the cutest. Maybe I should start a separate blog just to showcase all the wonderfulness that comes from her fingers...