Children Making Things

Purdy birthdays mean that the Owen children make perty presents!  (Groan.)

With many thanks to Cadie, who sent the girls a ton of links and ideas for them to jump off from.  They would have been lost without them!  These are all good ideas to remake, so I'm collecting them here.

Art pencil bag and a small camera case.

Pencil can.

Paper bead hair jewelry.

Pirate ship!  With a Deirdre braid-beard pirate!

Origami ball, lizard bookmark, and headband.

I helped Zeke make a toadstool pincushion, but we decided to turn it into a toadstool who dresses up as a pirate, instead. It was a big improvement, as you can see.

Stationary and bookmark set.

Dishwashing apron.

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