We Love New Zealand's Sweets (But Not As Much As People)

Mags and Brendan were able to visit en route to a university reunion.  It goes without saying that the highlight was seeing THEM and hearing about their life in a distant land, but, alas, I took no pictures. Who needs pictures of people?  Here, instead, are pictures of the New Zealand chocolates they were kind enough to leave behind justforme for my children, along with rankings, because you need to know!

#1.  Ahead of the pack, Cadbury Crunch (chocolate covered Hokey Pokey) wins the prize!
#2.  L&P slab bar.  This was a close second, nearly a tie for first.  We've never tasted anything like it!
#3.  Both were closely followed by the Picnic bar
#4. Pinky was a fun novelty, but the older children preferred the nuances of the top 3.
#5.  Aidan's favorite! Chocolate fish!

All Even Steven.


heidiann(e) said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got to see those two, and they to see you! I was so bummed to miss them, but I guess the Michigan wedding we were at was pretty great too....

Abigail said...

The only thing that could have improved that beautiful wedding would be CANDY FROM NEW ZEALAND! And maybe a Mags and Brendon in attendance, too. :) It was great to see them and such fun to get to become a bit more familiar with the nice guy with the cool accent. (When the kiddos forget his name...)