Nut Berry's Ninth

It's true!  I can't believe it myself, but this little Sugarplum-Nut-Berry-Pippi-Longstocking-Lovey-Dovey is nine years old now.  She celebrated with a birthday breakfast and singing to herself.

Sausage, hard boiled eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes with bananas (of course) and freshly whipped cream.  To drink?  A beautifully rosy juice made from Deborah and Rundy's grapes!

She didn't want a cake (Thank goodness!  I was planting vegetable seeds all day!), and Millie made her request-- a luscious strawberry-rhubarb pie baked with the giant rhubarb Deborah and Rundy grew (see a pattern here?  I'm starting to outsource all the birthday meals, bit by bit).

I did have to come in from the garden to make supper, but I wanted to eat it badly enough that I didn't complain.  Spicy fried chicken wraps with all the fixings and homemade ranch dressing.  There weren't any leftovers.  (Inspired by a Purdy birthday meal, even down to the bowl of cubed avocado.  Maybe I can convince Justin to come over and cook it next time because in my rush, I forgot to cook the bacon I bought for the occasion.  Criminal.)

Here she is again, that most wonderful Nut Berry singing to herself over rhubarb pie and ice cream.  Piper is such a special little girl.  She cuddles into the crook of my arm still, though she's much bigger than she was, she loves babies with all of her heart, and those big, brown eyes still get me every time.

She's a great lover of pansies, too, and here she is, in her birthday hat, planting the pansies Susannah bought her for the occasion.   We love you, Piper Joy!

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