Not Just for the Soup & Bacon

The only spring walk I took a camera along for was our annual wild leek/ramp hunt and picnic in the big woods.

I use the word "hunt" very loosely, as either side of the old logging trail is a veritable sea of leeks.  Sustainable harvesting is not difficult here!

The children took turns on the elaborate obstacle course.

Cadence was excited by the prospect of wild leek soup with bacon.  (Ah, if only bacon grew in veritable seas on either side of the path, I'd grin bigger than that.)

If you ask your children to bring along their nature sketchbooks, the whole day counts as formal learning, right?

Even for the littlest...

We left with several baskets brimful of pungent green and plans for soup a few days later.

Until next year!


Rebecca said...

Ah, those leeks! Look at that abundance! I made my first ever leek soup thanks to your generosity and my oh my was it ever good! !!!x3=I mean it.

Also, I gave Andrew a handful of leeks to replant in a top secret place in the woods in hopes that they will begin to grow (and flourish into abundance) in our very own woods. I told him only *he* would know where they were and he could lead us all there. That was all the convincing he needed. ;-)

Abigail said...

You are most welcome to come for a visit next year and grab some more (hint, hint). When harvested, they can't reproduce, so let your little patch spread and grow for several years and come here, instead! There's enough for soup and more to spare.:)