Handmade Beauty

I can't recall the last giveaway I entered, but ages have passed.  I'm one of many happy readers of Ginny's blog, though, and when I saw a giveaway for buttons and a shawl pin, I entered on a whim, thinking of Millie and knowing that she would put handmade buttons to good use in the unlikely chance that my name was picked.  Plus, a handmade, mahogany turtle pin, rich and smooth and dark?  That's enough to draw just about anybody in.

Unlikely as it was, we won, and then spent a long time bumping our heads together over the computer screen, admiring all the woodcraft from Wooly Moss Roots.  We had the pleasure of picking out a set of buttons and a shawl pin from among the gorgeous selections, and Taryn was kind enough to send a beautiful tree button for Millie, to boot!  Millie's saving her tree button for a special project, but she used the first button of the sassafrass set on this hat for Zeke (the Aviatrix Hat by Justine Turner).

She plans to re-knit the strap before fall, but Zeke would be happy with it at any length.

 The hat was supposed to be for this scene-stealer, but his head, large as it is, was not quite large enough.  I think a matching hat is in order...or more than one.  We still have 8 sassafrass buttons left!


Jan said...

Gorgeous buttons for a gorgeous hat. The author of the hat now lives back in New Zealand to be close to family. All her patterns are beautifully written and this one has so many sizes and different weights of wool. Search on Justine Turner or Just Jussi for many simple, but totally practical and easy patterns for young children.

Abigail said...

Thanks for the information, Jan! We'd never looked at her other patterns, and they are wonderful! I meant to link to the Aviatrix pattern but forgot; I'll do so now. Millie was able to download it for free ages ago, but only recently has begun making them. A few days ago, she whipped up one in a newborn size for my cousin's baby-to-come. Such a quick knit, and it is absolutely darling in the smaller size. Justine is a talented designer!