People Like to Make Things

I finally appliqued t-shirts for the two youngest Terry farmers. 

And made an overdue drawstring backpack for Birdie.

Happily right on time!  Here's little outfit for my cousin's baby-to-come.

...which I  made to match the Aviatrix hat Millie knit for him,

and the drawing Susannah made for the nursery (based on this).

My mother's quilt for him, though, did beat all.  I love it!


Rebecca said...

You are a master appliquer. Whenever I see a new applique you've done I think that must be my favorite- they are all so wonderful. That rooster is pretty amazing.

Of course, you have a master knitter, a master of drawing, a master of quilting too. It's all in the family!

Rebecca said...

PS. Susannah is gorgeous in that getup.

Abigail said...

Thanks, ma'am! It took me long enough.

(And, yes, to Susannah. She is too much.)

Abigail said...

(Meaning, it's about time to lock her up in her room for the next 45 years until she comes of age...)