Highway Robbery, i.e., She Loves Vegetables

While I stuff beans into jars on one side of the table,

she's busy pilfering from the cucumber pile.

 And when I move to the other side of the table to finish the pickles, she gobbles the beans.


Rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure I canned a few pickles with bite marks accidentally thanks to my helper.

The worst canning mishap though is much less dear. I noticed when canning my beans that a jar had a dead fly floating in it. The little bugger must have flown in while I was canning a previous batch. I wrote FLY on the top to be sure that I open that one and get it out before a) the children refuse to eat them or b) I serve it up unknowingly (and with my luck at a time when we have company).

Abigail said...

HA! I've done the same with cherry pits or burnt applesauce or buddy syrup. "NO GIFT!" is written on the tops to make sure we don't give it away to some poor sucker. Of course, my children are poor suckers and get them, anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

ha! I know you're secret now, Mama!

Anonymous said...

ha! now I know you're secret, Mama!

Abigail said...

Uuuummmmmm. Oops.

But there's no secret, anyway. You can ALWAYS tell when the applesauce is burnt. :)