Na-na, Na-na, Boo-Boo

Our eldest daughter, our Baby Bumpkin turned Rose Red, this lovely girl misplaced from her rightful life in an English cottage, just turned fifteen years old.  She is downright gleeful when she reminds me that she can legally drive in just one year.  She mocks my pain.

She says I'm just too much fun to tease and that it's not her fault, but, still...she mocks my pain.

We got home from cousin-pickup and grocery shopping at 2 o'clock, at which point I decided that in addition to making Millie's birthday supper and birthday cake, wisdom dictated I also make farmer's cheese, yogurt, and a batch of feta cheese.  This is my explanation for why these pictures are lacking, and also, the reason why after offering to help when he and Debbie arrived, Rundy said, "Well, you are looking a little frantic."

All's well that ends well, though, and a day that ends with a table full of people who love you, a poof, and a wish to christen another year, is a good ending.

It only got better the next morning with a birthday breakfast, delayed one day in order to share with Candida.  Happiest of days, Mildred Elise!  We love and cherish you in spite of your stubborn march forward in age.  Here's to another year of growing and learning and stretching and-- gulp-- to driving next year!

(Birthday meal for a someday recipe on buildabelly: day-old General Tso's chicken, overcooked vegetables and all...

...and the brownie ice cream cake, much firmer and tastier the following day, because, for the good of mankind, I checked.) 


Rebecca said...

YUM! You do birthdays right!

Abigail said...

I also do gluttony right (or wrong?). Sigh.