Linda Light: For Sister Sarah J.

Do you remember this wedding gift supreme?  We used it until we moved here, at which point its place on the floor was replaced by a toddler mattress for one of the younger ones.  I put it in the attic, knowing that it would recover its former glory at some point.  Our house has not become any larger, but by degrees we've become accustomed to less space and more clutter, and, somehow, a lamp-sized spot seemed to appear from the children's room floor. 

We gave it to Lucinda as a birthday gift a few weeks ago.  She's christened it "Linda Light" and has composed it its own nighttime lullabye (as in, "Oh, no!  I forget to sing Linda Light her lullaby last night!), a lullaby that sounds suspiciously like the one I made for her, my little Luci Light.  And so the heirloom is passed from one generation to the next...

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