Martha Stewart's Handy Guide: Baby Shower Preparation

Pretend not to notice that your boy's hat is covered with cupcake flour, which is evidence of snitching.

Ignore all warnings and make cupcakes with your fussy baby on the counter next to you, because that's the only way she won't fuss.

Let your bandit ride his bike in the house. (Also to ignore: the Golden Arrow which leads to the Everlasting Mending Basket.)

Let the mailman scoot his packages everywhere, delivering (and delivering and delivering) his packages over and over (and over and over) again.  Ignore that shining golden arrow, still.

Cover the dining room table until it's useless as a dining table.

Fill up the sunroom with decorations and foodstuffs until the piles are high enough to block the windows.

That's about it!  Good luck!  (And when the shower goes swimmingly, you know who to thank...)


Rebecca said...

Too bad the mailman couldn't deliver them to the door of the shower location! What a help that would have been!

Abigail said...

I thought my mom WAS the mailman?!