Tadhg Amos, Your Lips Can't be Beat

I'm bumping all other posts to the back of the line in favor of this one.  It's the best! Plus, I know a few of you are patiently waiting for snapshots of this non-Owen baby.

With just enough drama to make an interesting entrance, Little Tadhg* Amos, with a cartful of Irish blood from his Daddy's side, safely arrived a few weeks back, and we are smitten with his perfect lips and impressed by his large hands.  He'll be the Big Tadhg of his own legend someday. 

*pronounced "Tige," like "tiger"  
p.s. He's just shy of 2 weeks old in these snapshots.

And, ah, Deborah. The girl who still played with dolls when she was twelve has joyfully slipped into the role of mother.  Tadhg was perfectly shaped for just these arms.

I was able to snap a few hasty but still sweet snapshots last week before they left for a doctor's appointment, but I wasn't there long enough to take a picture of him with his eyes open.  Future post to come, I bet...

Those hands, though!

We are thankful that God kept Tadhg and Deborah safe through all (and Rundy, too!).  We can't wait to watch him grow into those hands of his.

And here are some repetitive pictures for you, Deborah, so you can snag what you want.


Rebecca said...

As one of the ones who was pestering you for said baby pictures- I thank you!

He is such a darling fellow and that little chin and pucker are too precious.

And Debbie looks lovely. She glows! Motherhood becomes her! ;-)

Molly said...

Precious baby boy! He is so adorable and Deborah looks radiant!! We praise God for this miracle of life. Glory be to God for their safekeeping.

Thank you for posting!

Much love!

Nanno said...

Congratulations Debbie!!!

sarah said...

Hooray! Congratulations!