Real Time

This afternoon, the younger children and I started a new science book about flying creatures.  While explaining terms like "lift," "thrust," and "drag," I absentmindedly poked my belly, still jiggly with 30 pounds of baby-doughnut weight.  A few minutes later, an unnamed child looked at me thoughtfully and said, "Um.  If you were a bird, I don't think you'd fly very well." When I innocently asked, "Why is that?" knowing the why full well, she was too embarrassed to explain her reasoning.

Right on.


Rebecca said...

Hilarious story. But you know how I feel about it. The fact that you have abs at all after so many children is kindof amazing to me (and a whole lot of other people)- let alone a flat stomach with a teensy one still in yours arms. Which you do. Big time.

And besides- you fly. You fly around getting things done and fixing meals and finding the child who has been hurt and changing diapers. You REALLY fly if Cadie starts to look like she might need to use the potty. Or if Aidan picks up a knife and runs around the kitchen like a butcher. I think mothers must have a bit of a flying nature in them. Maybe fairy.

Abigail said...

1. Everyone has abs! (Even absigail)
2. I've never seen my abs!
3. I think too-visible abs are kind of gross!
4. Bellies are nice and soft and squishy!
5. You're a goose. :) I just started (post-cheesecake) slogging so I don't have to wear the same clothes I wore last summer-- you know, when I was pregnant-- and I assure you that the giant jiggles in the direction of my belly and love handles are, indeed, from my belly and love handles instead of a flat stomach. Smushy things + A-line skirts. I'm telling you!
6. Spot on with that last paragraph. Mamas fly all the time! I'm telling that unidentified child now...