You Light up the Night

On February sixth, our Light grew a little brighter.  EIGHT! I simply will never get used to this. 

With a good nature, Lucinda tried to appease a little tyrant at birthday breakfast.

When I told her not to appease the tyrant (for appeasing tyrants makes them more tyrannical), the tyrant retreated into her private paper plate quarters.

Per the recent tradition, Zeke woke Annika up early to help him put up birthday decorations and to write the sign for the birthday couch-throne.

Per my usual tradition, the couch-throne room was as neat as a pin.

Bless Lucinda's little heart and Mildred's big one.  Luci's birthday fell a few days before Debbie's shower, so I'd been busy preparing.  When Lucinda asked for key lime pie for her birthday (easy!), and Millie jumped on the chance to make a key lime pie (even easier!), I didn't protest.  Millie made a double batch to ensure we'd have enough and baked it in a cake pan, I decorated the top with a sugary duck, Lu blew out the candles, and all the wishes came with it.  The funny thing is that we were all so stuffed from her birthday supper (these things), that most people only ate part of their slices (not me! I ate two!), and we froze the rest.

This is before Lucinda realized she was too full to eat more than two bites of her birthday dessert.

Happy, happy birthday, you beautiful duckling.  A swan can't even compare!

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Rebecca said...

Ditto to the last sentence.