Reality. Check.

Zeke thinks the optimal place to work on mathematics is on top of the world's largest laundry pile waiting for me to fold it.  Sisyphus, I empathize.

I have no idea what's going on in this picture, but I include it to prove that I at least gave haircuts to those shaggy boys I found living in the laundry pile.  I'm all about balance...


Rebecca said...

We had unexpected company yesterday (Agh!) of two older people who had never had any children. The night before I had sorted our stray sock pile into pair after pair after pair of socks and then went to bed and then ignored them all Saturday morning until the knock on the door and probably 50 pairs of socks scattered and threwn about the living room.

Good times, good times. See- if you post it on the internet. You don't see the gasps of horror. If you see and hear them in person, it is quite the different experience.

I'm so thankful I had folded the three laundry baskets piling up in the living room- and actually had them taken upstairs!

Abigail said...

Oh, man. Been there (unfortunately, more than once). Part of my plan in posting these is so that anyone who DOES drop in unexpectedly knows just what they're in for... :)

I feel your pain!