Aidan had his bi-yearly eye appointment in Syracuse, and this time John and I took the entire family.  Afterward, John drove us to the mall, which I haven't been to in probably about 10 years.  We walked around for a few hours, rode escalators and elevators just for fun, and then ate fried chicken!  I think a trip to a big mall once a decade is just right.

I took a few bad-quality snapshots on my phone.

Aidan was in heaven.  A troop of vehicles filled the waiting room!

This was the first ride on an escalator for several of the children, and they were exclaiming so loudly with excitement and astonishment that the man behind me was confused.  What sort of homeschooling convention was this?!

Sugar?  Yes, please.  I didn't dare even set foot inside this place.

Skylark.  First-- but not last-- visit to a game shop.

Cadence.  First visit to a mall that has birds flying about.  First visit to a mall bathroom.

And all of us save John, zooming and squealing down and up on the Great Glass Elevator and (nearly) plowing through the roof...because we could.  Homeschoolers unite!

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