Made by the Maker and Sung by the Shaper

If a firecracker could be simultaneously sweet and sizzling spicy (assuming it was also edible), that would be this little toddlah who just turned TWO.

She woke up early and watched me put up the birthday decorations.  Then she sang Happy Birdee to herself.

I love it when children are old enough to know they are being celebrated but too young to have any stated preference for birthday meals.  Cinnamon apple hootenanny and home fries it is then, my dear...which is what I had on the menu before I remembered it was going to be your birthday.

I was going to make an elaborate bunny cake for her, because she's our little bunny-rabbit-thumb-sucker, her front teeth already beginning to protrude from her eternal relationship with that thumb, but when the day arrived, I just couldn't muster the desire to spend that much time on a cake.

 I figured that a bunch of flowers and a plastic bunny would do just fine, and because I'd never made frosting flowers or leaves before, and I was worried that they'd all break when I put them on the cake, AND because it ended up being surprisingly soothing to pipe flowers, I made a ton and a half of them.  Then, because I didn't want them to go to waste, I slathered the cake with them.

Yes, floral overdose.

No, this bunny rabbit did not notice.

 Nor did this one.

And the only Bunny Rabbit that mattered just thought the whole thing was grand.

Here she is at her party, all decked out in jewelry from Grandma, surrounded by the song of those who love her.  Oh, Cadence Octavia, we love you, eighth wonder of this great wide world.


heidiann(e) said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL cake! Wow!

Happy day, Cadence!

Abigail said...