Nixie is Fourteen (!)

We moved her birthday meals from Easter to April 2nd, but then she opted to save her birthday breakfast for another day to spread out all the rich food to avoid bellyaches.  Plus, that way we celebrated her birthday all week long!

Supper was six pizzas of three flavors-- Buffalo chicken, bacon ranch, and pepperoni.  We had three left over at the end of the night.  What was I thinking?  (I was thinking of delicious leftovers for lunch, I guess.)

She had a strawberries and cream trifle for her birthday dessert.

She tried not to eat it all before anyone else had a bite.

What a true delight this girl is.  She lives up to her name so perfectly, and we wouldn't trade our little package brimful of enthusiasm for any other.  Happy fourteenth, Nixie!  May you grow in grace and enthusiasm both, until they spill over even more.  We love you!

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heidiann(e) said...

The world is blessed to have her in it.
Happy day, Annie!