Easter Day, 2018

Without Christ stepping from the tomb, all is lost.
Praise God that all is not lost.

Candy and curls and comics don't matter one bit, but here they are, anyway.

Easter Sunday and April Fool's Day collided this year. Annika and John got home late the night before from her extended birthday date, and here's the happy girl the next morning opening her jackknife at Easter-birthday breakfast.

Jason's a librarian and sent Annika home with a mother lode of Uncle Scrooge comics that his library was taking out of circulation.  They kept the children's attention for two full days.

The girls asked if I'd taken pictures of the bunny surprise eggs, and when I said I hadn't, they asked me to.  By that point, two bunnies had already had their ears plucked off.

They also wanted me to take a picture of my egg.  I was too lazy/tired/sensible to make a surprise egg for Skylark, so I hastily scribbled her on the back of my egg, not realizing until after I did so that my bunny egg had Skylark on her bottom.  What happens when the bunny sits down on the couch?!!

We arrived home from church about half an hour before company was due to arrive and were greeted by a cold ham and the knowledge that the crockpot had become unplugged at some point before we left that morning.  Blah. (Enter rocky spots.)  Then I took happy Easter pictures in the biting Easter wind.

The children were good sports, but I gave up almost immediately and ran inside to do something about that cold ham.  (These are funny pictures, especially if you stare at Aidan.)

Susannah and her first attempt at pie-making!  A delicious pair of lemon meringue pies resulted.

Company-family and adopted family!

Tadhg inspects Grandma.

Grandma inspects Tadhg.

Taking pictures of Easter basket hunting is a ritual I do not neglect, but one that I also don't particularly enjoy.  Blogging about the Easter basket hunt is about the same.  Here they are.  (Scrooge.)

Cadence's.  Quick. Easy.  Cute.

Aidan was distracted by a stick, John Wayne, and the air he breathed.  Piper had to lead him to the tree in which his Easter basket was hidden, and then we had to point it out to him.  Strangely enough, he did not need any help in eating the candy inside it.

Zeke, hunter extraordinaire.  He's a seasoned pro and found his with lots of obvious clues.

Lucinda, our odd little duck, inexplicably walked backwards the entire time she hunted for her basket.  She found it eventually under a sap-collecting bucket.

Piper reluctantly took a break from holding baby Tadhg in order to find her basket.

Susannah was disappointed that she found hers so quickly, so I re-hid it with Annika's.

They thought the mixture of composting food and chicken mess under the Christmas tree was not a good haven for their Easter candy.  I had to agree.

Annika wanted a picture of her basket full of birthday presents from her brothers and sisters (all wrapped in green paper, per her request).

Millie and I were both freezing by the time her turn arrived, me because I'd been outside for a while, Millie because she wore no coat.  You can bet I gave her obvious clues as quickly as possible.  She found her basket in record time.

Evening light after dessert.  A lovely mess.

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