Susannah Wren is Twelve Now

(above pictures by Annika)

Birdie's not quite ready to fly away, thank goodness, but twelve has always seemed to be the last frontier of true childhood to me, and, for girls, a time when they slip from one to the another depending on the hour.

It's a joy to see all the girls grow in who they are and who they will become, and Susannah's thoughtful nature and delightfully quirky twists are something to celebrate.  Twelve years of this? How did we get so lucky?

On the morning of her birthday, Zeke awoke early to prepare the Special Couch of Birthday-ing, as well as an addition just for her, a morning spot o' tea Annika and Piper helped prepare, resplendent with flowers he pilfered from the bouquet John gave me the week before.

I awoke early to make her birthday breakfast, an involved affair because all of her birthday requests were identical to last year (bierocks and apple hand pies for breakfast, beef stew in bread bowls for supper, and an ice cream sundae bar for dessert).

Twelve is twelve, but I still think she looks far too old here.

Happy birthday, you sweet little Bird.  Grow those wings in strength and truth, and sing.  Always sing!  We love you!

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heidiann(e) said...

Aw, Susannah. How is this possible?
Many blessings to you, dear one.