George Washington's Breakfast

Three small hoecakes and three small cups of tea...

Millie read this book the other day and requested we make George Washington's breakfast. The next morning, she did, and you can, too, by visiting buildabelly's latest episode of Cooking with Mildred. For those who don't frequent buildabelly, I've provided a recap here.

1. Don your chef's hat.

2. Get out ingredients. Measure, mix, and stir.

Three. Pour batter and flip cakes.

Four. Don't forget to check the bottoms.

Five. For reasons known only to yourself, make your hungry guests successfully answer riddles before dishing out the grub. Whoever answers three correctly gets the hoecake with bunny ears!

1 comment :

Rebecca said...

she is the prettiest little chef I think I've seen.

I love these little snippets you share of your day