At Odds

The crazy thing about flowers exploding all over our house is that there was a layer of snow sticking to the earth outside.   It was almost jarring to the senses, in a pleasantly jolting way.

I felt a bit wild stripping all of our blooms before the snow came, like a prodigal spending all my coin at once.

We harvested the squash, too, and this was the cleanest spot in our kitchen for more than a week, from which you can deduce just how filthy the kitchen was is.


cadie said...

Jealous of all that squash! ;-) Is that delicata as well as butternut? A friend served me delicata recently, as well as butternut, cubed and roasted with seasonings... it was soooo good!!

Our winter squash (or Evan's, I should say) got munched by deer and/or frosted before it was ripe.

Rebecca said...


Abigail said...

Our spaghetti squash was practically a bust due to all the rain, and our butternut harvest only half of what we normally get, so I was so happy that the delicata pulled through in the pinch.

I've grown lots of squash varieties in the past, but now I just stick to our favorites-- spaghetti, butternut, and delicata. I would definitely try to get Evan to grow some delicata next year. It has a shorter growing season than butternut but has a similar flavor, only sweeter! I love the stuff.