Because This Is Shotsnaps

Here are a bunch of snapshots.  They're worth a thousand words, anyway.


Deborah Johnson said...

I was just looking through this at school. I'm on my lunchbreak. It feels so odd to be here right now, rather than somewhere with all of us together to remember. My thoughts are elsewhere. These pictures were both beautiful and hard to look at. I'm glad you posted them all.

Rebecca R. said...

Thanks for these. I agree with Deb...feel like we are bound together in our "missing" today, even though not physically with one another.

Peter John said...

Why you gotta make a grown man cry?

heidiann(e) said...

Lip plump.
Tractor captain.

These are wonderful.

Abigail said...

Deb, Beck, and Pete,
I love you all. Been thinking of you especially today.

Tractor captain. I like that. :)

Rebecca said...

I've always thought men who wore suspenders were a more likable lot.

Look at that mop head on #14! Is that Susannah with a whole grown up head of gorgeous hair on a teeny tiny body?