Every Last Crumb

(Many of the following snapshots were taken by Susannah and Annika.  I only deleted a couple of dozen.)

(This made me laugh.  The Cheeky Girl Who Shall Not Be Named misspelled "Honeyduke's" and "Aidan," but she knows how to spell "fatso!")  *Update: And I just accidentally misspelled "misspelled!"  At least she comes by it honestly.

Mildred Elise joined us for Picnic in the Big Woods, Day 2, primarily because that day's picnic included thick apple cider she'd made in the juicer that morning and cake pops hand-delivered by the neighbors a few hours before.  Cake pops will lure the most ardent horse-lovers into the woods.

Even with bare branches as our only canopy, and the leaves turned to rust and crunch underfoot, a warm fall day has no rival. 


Millie said...

Just for your information, I still would have preferred to ride Cherry-Berry, but as I had ridden her the two previous days, I didn't bother to ask. (No comments about how the only reason I went was because of the cake-pops!!!!!!!)

Liana said...

I love the picture of you & Millie walking side-by-side. You both are beautiful.

sarah said...

That's right! How is Millie so tall? Bowden and I can share shoes now, which is not useful for church functions but perfect for sharing sandals for outside.

Abigail said...

I love that one, too! It makes me feel all right about children growing up.

My sandals broke the summer before, so this past summer, I filched Millie's sandals constantly. She didn't like it a bit. And sometimes John's mom buys Millie shoes that I really want to steal for myself. Isn't it supposed to be the other way 'round?

Rebecca said...

That second to last picture makes me stop in my tracks every time I see it.

It is a new season, isn't it? That picture shows a different sort of relationship coming alongside the mother-daughter one. One of comraderie, of friendship. It is a glimpse into the future. And it looks pretty wonderful.

Abigail said...

It certainly is! And there's lots of eye-rolling we're working on, too. ;)