She Can Eat Thirty Straight Off the Plant

Before the first heavy frost, we gathered what I thought would be the last few peppers off the plants. Having already harvested so many, I wasn't quite expecting the last few to be this numerous.   With a vegetable drawer and freezer already stuffed with peppers, there was only one reasonable choice. 

fried up 30 of them and invited Mom and Deborah for supper.


cadie said...

So many peppers! Wowza! We've never had even half that amount! Dad has grown various vegetables by the ton, each in its turn year by year (one year it was corn, one year onions, one year potatoes...) but we've never had a lot of peppers. All your hard work in the garden pays off!

Rebecca said...

You should be SUPER proud of those peppers. I have always found peppers to be one of the more difficult things to grow (not so much the hot ones but the bells). That is incredible!

PS. Dehydrated peppers are great for stews and soups!

Abigail said...


I've never been able to grow so many sweet peppers, either! I'm thinking it was a fluke rather than my hard work. :) My mom always grows tons of green peppers, but I've never had much luck, so I was totally surprised (and delighted) to get so many this year! I identify with your Dad. It does seem that things seem to cycle through their bounty. Last year, we got zero apples due to the late snow. This year, a dozen bushels! This year, peppers coming out of our ears!...but hardly any tomatoes. We had plenty to eat, but blight killed most of them, and I was only able to can 10 quarts (and no salsa), instead of the 150 quarts we need to get through the year. I'm hoping that next year is The Year of the Tomato. :)

Thanks for the tip! I think we harvested a couple bushels of peppers, at least, and have been munching them plain. I'm running out of freezer space, so dehydrating it is!