Millie and some helpers juice apples.

I told them to keep their hands off the juiciest apple in the basket.

Under a pile of dry stalks, I found a single bloom clinging.

The last look at a fast-fading double rainbow.

I'm embarrassed about a few of the Indian recipes on buildabelly.  Now that I'm more experienced with Indian cuisine, I throw things in the pan, to taste, which means that while the meals are now yummier, there's also no set recipe to share.

I determined to remedy this with a new and improved recipe for tikka masala, the old standby.  I wrote down amounts and even took pictures!  But now I just don't care about posting the recipe.  Have some snapshots, instead.

Baby cacti aloe. (Sheesh.)

When I was just a few weeks pregnant, Millie wanted to take a picture of the cookie surprise she made for me.  Yes, I ate it.  How else can a girl gain 20 pounds in her first trimester?!  (And don't tell me I wasn't supposed to gain 20 pounds in my first trimester.  I choose to not believe you.)

Little lion...

needed his hairs cut.

Here are a few of the many snapshots the girls took with my camera while I was cleaning the coop.  These alone survived the cull.  


Rebecca said...

That is some cookie! I'll have to have a talking to with Corynn...I never got a celebratory cookie! Did I get gypped or what?

And cider! Delicious cider! Alongside fresh sun-ripened tomatoes or any version of them cooked, this is a joy that Tiddle has stolen from me this year. Just one sip ruins an entire evening with heartburn. :-(

sarah said...

Im wondering what has changed in your tikka masala recipe...I'm so hungry right now. I'm not feeling very driven to make food, but I definitely want to eat that. And maybe that giant apple in your basket. He's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Abigail said...


I don't think you were gypped. Unless you're eager to pack on the pounds like I do, you're probably much better off without 5 pounds of cookie in your gut. :) Soon, no heartburn. Better yet...a baby to hold!!!

Oh, man. Less cayenne, the addition of ground fenugreek, fresh (frozen) cilantro...there's more, but I'd have to either make it right now or try to find that slip of paper I jotted the amounts on. If I find it, I'll post it for you!

Abigail said...

p.s. I nibbled some of that Apple this morning, and he was most plump and juicy.