Walking the Big Woods

(We are twins, slyly mistrustful.)

(We are twins, grinning like fools.)

(He caught up eventually.)

These are from a few weeks back.  I made hot chocolate, and we packed up pastries and Harry Potter books (because those three together are a golden trio).  Mom let the girls drive the four-wheeler for a bit, which shot the day into Best Day Ever territory for the children, and I fell asleep in the sunlight, which pretty much did the same for me.

I am glad to live in this place I've known since I could walk, and to share with my children the familiar land that girds my bones.  And now theirs, too.


sarah said...

Just the prettiest bits of a day, ever! I can't wait for Autumn- we are still suffering from 90 degree humidity. This post is inspiring- the applesauce post was comforting- altogether, I love your blog, and you.

Rebecca said...

These days are so unbelievable! And I spy more adorable hats for your boys~LOVE! Especially the one on Zeke. And I loved the one you had on Aidan the other Sunday- with the puppy design on the side. Oh.my.word.

Abigail said...

Oh, Sarah. I could give you SO MUCH COMFORT in blog posts if I chose. You have no idea. Just picture 7 messy, little people and 2 sometimes messy big people living in 1 house with 1,000,000 things they should get rid of, and you'll come close. The times when it's sparkling are far outnumbered by the normal days. I wish we could trade some cold for heat! The temps are dropping again, and while I am so glad to not be melting in 90 degree humidity, I wouldn't mind an extra 10 degrees or so. You can bring it when you visit us. :) Xoxo.

Becky gave me that! I love it, too. It's pretty much the cutest boy clothing article we've got.