Baby Island

April took a break from her own grandbaby to hold Cadence for a bit.

...but only because her grandbaby was in great demand from all other corners!

With good reason, too.  Look at those eyes, would you?

Sarah and I tried to get a picture of all the grandchildren (and great-grandchild!), with spotty results, thanks to Zeke and Piper's wiggles.  Sorry, Sarah, but this was the best of my bunch.  :)

And then a blurry picture of babies-in-a-row.  Cadence (just shy of 3 mos.) on the left, cutest monkey Elijah (2 weeks?) in the middle, and Trevor (5 months?) on the right.  The whole weekend was so much fun.  It seemed like babies were spilling out of all the corners!

Yum.  Elijah.  Yum yum yum.

And with the mamas.  (Tiny, tiny Elijah!)

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