Cadence Octavia on the Grass

Snapshots of a baby in a ring of flowers, brought to you by Debbie's leftover wedding bouquets. (I felt a little like Anne Geddes while doing this, but I have no regrets.  Do I sound defensive? I'm not defensive!)


Titi said...

Not that you can see this, probably, but I'm so glad some of those flowers got a little more extended use!

sarah said...

Lovely! That sweet baby!

Rebecca said...

I am so surprised that I haven't commented on this post- I love babies wrapped in flowers! It makes me wonder if I never commented when you initially posted these photos...how did I miss that? Instead of scrolling down to see- I will avoid it because I know then I will want to spend more time than I should commenting on past pictures.

I don't have time this morning~ children are now awake and heading outside to do chores in the frigid morning. Hot cocoa and warm cornmeal mush needs to happen more than comments....but it has been fun! Thanks for that.

Abigail said...

And I just this comment in the moderated comments section. I have comments to approve so rarely that I never look in it.

And now I wish it was summer for the flowers and bare-shouldered babies...but, again, still not ready for the planting that comes first or the harvest that comes after. :)

(I'll be right over for that cocoa and mush.)