Wedding Day

You may remember that this beautiful girl was due to get hitched in July.  Well, she did!  The day was a true feast for the spirit. What a joy and honor to stand witness to the sacrament with so many others, ringing around two clearly united by the Father's hand.

Annika was upset when she looked on the camera and found that the person (me) who took a handful of cupcake pictures took only one picture of the rehearsal (one-handed while I nursed Cadence) and one picture of the wedding (also one-handed while I stood in the barn and nursed Cadence). Lame. Lame. Lame.

My excuses are many.

For the rehearsal, my excuse: it was cupcake day.

For the wedding, my excuse: all worn out with the worry of trying to sing without my voice cracking (thank you, hot tea and sister Sarah's suggestion of a tuning app to lower the key), but an excuse even better, knowing that professional people were taking pictures from every last angle. An excuse even best, I was enjoying it all too much for snapshots!

 I can't wait to see more pictures, though. When I see them, I'll pass some along, for sure.  The day was too beautiful to keep close.

The flawless rehearsal snapshot--

Men with Beards All in a Row.

The flawless wedding snapshot--

Forget the Bearded Men in a Row and Look at Those Lovebirds!

More to come later, I hope...

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