Baby on Wooden Planks!

I thought I'd spice up the baby-on-a-blanket-on-the-floor posts by...get this...taking away the blanket.  Wild, I know.

My friend Rebecca is a girl of many talents, and she made this gorgeous sundress for Cadence. Gifts like this give me the urge to learn to crochet or knit, but, really, why bother if I have talented friends who do it for me?   It is perfect, all spring and ocean hues.  I snapped these pictures after we arrived home from church because this blue-eyed beauty demanded more pictures of her lying on her back.

I love how the dress looks with the button in front, even though I figure it's probably meant to be in the back.  Next time she wears it, I'll take a picture of it with the button in back, Rebecca, so you can see it both ways. :)

So pretty, babe and dress both.

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