Blah, Said Toad

I haven't felt like writing on here for a while and still don't, really.  Life is full and good, and hard and heavy, and good, and I'm sick and not sleeping well and still haven't become Tom Toles, which is a shame. The world could use a good Randolph Itch revival.

We're tearing down our Inter Net tomorrow, so I've spent a large chunk of today with a glue stick, pasting these snapshots on as fast as I could.  We'll probably weave it back into our home in the future, but for now, a reprieve.

I'll keep up with email and may post a bit here and there from the library, but I make no promises. Seems the last time I promised library blogging, I didn't follow through very well at all. Until we meet again in this space, be it a week, a month, or beyond, be well.


(Dramatic exit.)


Renata AtSunnyside said...

Hi Abigail
It's been lovely catching up here. Your Cadence is growing up so quickly! I love the way you document your babies in photos! Have a wonderful Internet break! Something that I'm sure would be beneficial for all of us (not that I've had much chance or spending time just browsing recently - except for my very favourite blogs of which this is one of them :) .)

sarah said...

I love, love this space- I understand the need for a break or even an ending, but I really treasure this blog and your family!!!!

Abigail said...

Thank you, Renata! I always appreciate your kind comments. If there wasn't an ocean between, it'd be great to meet you one day!

It'd just be great to SEE you again! We return the love to you and yours.