True leftovers-- some of Debbie's wedding flowers.

200 heads of garlic tied and ready for hanging.

And to show the gritty behind-the-idyllic-scene reality, here's the heavy dresser decomposing outside our back door that's been taking months to reach the burn pile and a car that's been napping on our lawn for a good while.  Lazy things.  It's like they expect US to carry them where they're supposed to go.

Oh, yes, and toys.  Always toys.

Hulk stands by our pitiful corn that cries for rain.

A while ago, John gave me a grid notebook to keep track of all my to-dos because I was always losing my loose-leaf lists.  It's been great, but sometimes I'm over-zealous.  After finally doodling Flora and Sisi's gifts, I eagerly went to cross it off my list, on which it had sat for nearly a year.  Then I laughed.  Two for one!  Now I think I'll write everything I need to do twice just for the pleasure of crossing off twice as much.

Luci and Aidan dance to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire.

He's got the moves.

Aidan, always so obsessed with anything that has buttons...except pants.  He's not very interested in pants.

Fog rising after a brief but much-needed rain.

Aidan, always driving his car in the house...probably without any pants, too.

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