Go, Go, Go, Said the Bird:

Blogs are funny beasts, but not as funny as the beasts who steer them.

I first tacked a few snapshots on this particular beast for my friend Warner, back when I was girlish and adventurous and still typed in lower case.  By the second time I posted, five days later, I already wavered about the worth of blogging, and nearly 12 years later, here I sit, all a'wavering still.

The moon has been bright this past week, and I wake suddenly and silently every night, like a cat crouched, listening. My mind begins busywork, and hours pass.

I have no place to lay things down.

Maybe I should follow Tom Toles, the cleverest insomniac, and take up cartooning.


Molly said...

Been thinking about you all especially on Father's Day. My sister sent me a picture of my Dad from our wedding - some 36 years ago. He had that same grin on his face that I will never forget. Lucky for us our neighbor was walking around taking pictures and I am so glad he did. He captured moments that the paid professional certainly missed.

Speaking of photos and the memories that bind us to them...I just want you to know that seeing your beautiful family grow and grow has left me with so many smiles and laughter. I love the tenderness, the witty writing and the genuine joy of a family truly living life to the fullest! Your blog brings JOY.

You all remain in my daily prayers!

Much love!

Nanno said...

Warner here! I don't speak up often, but I do very much appreciate your continued maintenance of this blog. I believe you may perhaps still be girlish and are definitely still adventurous, but I'm glad you eventually learned correct grammar. I do not enjoy being embarrassed for my illiterate friends. Blog on and do not waver! (But please continue to do so in proper English.) =P

Anonymous said...

Dear Abigail,
I love seeing your adventures and the happenings on the otherside of the world. Please keep posting!
From your New Zealand Friend in Italy,
PS - I owe you a reply email but am in the middle of exams - will make up for it with many pictures later. Promise!

Abigail said...

Thanks, good folks, for the encouragement. No worries.
Fluffy blogging will never die. I can't escape the beast. :)

So glad you have that picture! There's something about photos that make the missing easier and harder all at the same time.

this mess is all your fault! i forgive you completely, though, because you have faith that i'm still adventurous and even perhaps girlish. i do feel so, even though the mirror belies that fantasy.

Good luck with exams! If you're able to send pictures sometime, wonderful (we enjoyed them thoroughly), but crack the books first, for sure. :)