The Great American Classic

The only other snapshots I have from the last week and a half are these of the boys watching Dumbo for the first time while their big sisters were off picnicing for the day.

Dumbo explores the heights and depths of human emotion.

1.   Zeke grins while the mama elephants exclaim over how cute Dumbo is.

2.  Zeke is bothered by the mama elephants mocking Dumbo's ears.

3.   He grows yet more distraught as they jeer.

4. When Dumbo's mother is jailed, he grows sober yet again.

5. He nearly cries while Aidan falls asleep.

For real.

The baby also has a heart of stone and slept through the whole thing.

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heidiann(e) said...

oh, stone-heart!
you melt mine!