ARO Turns 2

As my mother commented, Aidan's cake sure was "different" this year.


Here's the full view of my cake-decorating oasis, for maximum viewing pleasure.

I'm glad Aidan is too young to know how much I short-changed him this year.  His birthday fell smack-dab in the middle of garden chaos, and after working all day, I slapped his cake together after supper, decorating it with leftover frosting from one of the cakes I made for Debbie's wedding shower the week before.  And, no, I did not make him a present, but John bought him a matchbox car, so presents were covered.

The plug is there not because we want our child to electrocute himself nor because I'm a terrible mother (tho', to be sure, I am at times).  In the three minutes I alloted for frosting his cake, I tried to think of something appropriate that Aidan loves with which I could decorate his cake.  Remote controls were out, as were cell phones (too many buttons), and I had scant time for a car or computer.  Ah!  Eureka!  Electrical plugs!  Something Aidan loves.  Not so appropriate, no, but it was fast and made a nice bright addition to the cake once we lit the candles.

He was almost unbearably cute while we sang, and since his favorite part of the whole day was bellowing "Happy Birthday" along with us, we sang it half a dozen times.

Aidan Raphael, you sweet, wild, little monster-- our Little Fire, little arrow-- we love you to Sagittarius and back. Grow brave and true.

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