Ten on the Trail

At my request, John transferred pictures from my phone to the computer, and since the computer is an old beast that threatens to expire, taking with it all my pictures to the grave, I'm slapping some on here for safekeeping. They'll be fine on shotsnaps until robots take over the world, at least.

These pictures are the reason why I wanted the phone pictures transferred.  A few weeks ago, John took us on a mysterious day-trip.  He had some things to research a few hours away, and we ended up here, hiking a slice near the Appalachian Trail on a blazing summer day.  

It was hot and hard and stony, and, except for the caterpillars swinging in our faces, so much fun.

I didn't take pictures for most of the hike, especially the steeper parts, huffing and puffing as I was, but here are some from the top of the hill.

Fae folk live here.

Cadence is one tough cookie.  She was the only five-week old hiker we saw, and she's so tough she did it in her sleep.

Leaving the faerie top before the steep and stony began again.

Two sweethearts rest once we reached the bottom of the trail.  


Anonymous said...

I grew up 4 miles from this hike. A few months ago, I brought a group of mom-friends from my kids preschool to hike up to Sunfish Pond. We had 18mnth old twins in backpacks and two pregnant ladies, but made it to the top. I am so impressed with your kids' endurance!!! How many hours did it take you to drive there?


Abigail said...

That's so cool! It takes us a bit over 2 hours to get there, and we drive past it every time we visit John's family. It was fun to finally stop and explore a place that looks so enticing when we whizz past. Maybe Sunfish Pond next time?

And what you miss by my posting still pictures instead of video is seeing the two youngest of those kids with so much endurance collapsing on the steepest parts and declaring their legs didn't work anymore. Zeke was pretty good about it, but we ran out of water early on, and Luci needed some serious cheerleading to convince her that she was physically able. You can see a slight hint of her sulk in the snapshot where she's looking back at the camera, but she was glad we'd done it once we reached the summit. :)