First Comes Love, Then Comes the Bridal Shower

My sister Becky knows how to host a party down to the last perfect detail.  She and I shared duties for our sister Deborah's bridal shower, but I use the word "shared" as loosely as possible.  The girls and I made a bunch of food, but take a gander at what (crazy, crazy) Becky and her girls pulled off, will you?

They made favors and gift bags, banners and games,

table and wall decorations...you name it.

(And there's Millie, slaving away over six batches of soft pretzels while I take pictures.)

We both made way too much food, even though we should have known better.

Becky and Cassie even found time to throw this together at the last minute.  Eh, no big deal, just a butterfly formed out of fruit...

More cakes?  Yes, please.

Enough with table decorations and fruit butterflies and cakes.  Where's the lovely lady of the hour?  I'm glad you asked. She's smack dab in the middle, opening lingerie blenders and toasters and whisks and such. (Don't worry, Deborah, I saved those pictures for you.)

Debbie is a lovely girl, and we're all so happy to join around her with joy in what God has brought about.  Three cheers!

 Mopsy made the most touching gift.  She took Dad's favorite dress shirt and sewed it into an apron for Debbie, a gift that turned the jolly crowd bittersweet and teary at once.

I took no pictures of her opening the gift, knowing what it was and with my heart and eyes full, but I did take this picture of Aidan lightening the mood a few minutes later.  When I heard everyone, so quiet only moments before, burst into laughter, I looked up from nursing Cadence to see Aidan bare from the waist down.

Told you we were potty-training him.

It was a full and tiring and joyful day, one spent well in celebration of one we love.


cadie said...

I have some pictures of her opening the gift, as well as of Aidan lightening the mood. ;-)

Abigail said...

If you can find them sifting among the hundreds that Zeke took. :) Becky had asked me if I had any pictures of her opening it, so I'm sure she'd appreciate seeing them, too!

Millie said...

Hey, I TOLD you that we were making way too many pretzels!!!

Anonymous said...

Debbie is getting married!?!?!? Congrats :) - Mags

Abigail said...

YES, she is, in 12 days! :) To this guy holding the handsaw. (And you must know, your brainchild-- my famous underwear party-- made it imperative that I give her an embarrassing something to open. All thanks to you and your love of the finer things...)

Anonymous said...

:) -aww finer things -mags