Making Up for Lost Tme

I don't know where the month slipped off to, but when I turned my back-- poof!  Lost time.

We spent May like a pocketful of change on birthdays and visiting and visitors, day-trips and small adventures, projects large and small, a solid week of manure-shoveling, stone-digging, and seed-sowing to fill the food and flower beds, all finished off with some tick bites, a sick boy, and a week on Long Island stretching more days than we gave it permission to, helped along by our van dying-- for good and earnest, this time-- also without our permission.

Half of us arrived late last night, and John and the girls are taking a bus back home today,* with a layover in the Big Apple, while the five littlest and I recreate life from six years ago with rainy-day blogging during nap-time. It's been a few years since I wasted afternoon time while the whole house sleeps.

I'm glad June's here.  Life was tumble-y and chaotic on too many of May's days, so June-- are you listening?-- no matter how tumble-y and chaotic you always grow to be, please slow things down notch or two.

Snapshotting took the form of scattered flurries-- hasty snaps without thought for form or frame-- so with a rueful grin, here's a handful.

(*But I wrote this yesterday, and now tomorrow is today.  They're home!)

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